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Where to Find Home Price Area Differences

Updated: Apr 16

City-Data for Median Monthly Housing Cost, Median Value, & Many More Options

Median Price of Homes Sales by County/City

Median Price of Homes Sales by Metropolitan Statistical Area

House Price Index by State

Market Conditions

More Metrics by City/County, Zip Code, Etc.

Cost of Living by MSA


About the Author: Adam Garrett - 3rd Generation REALTOR®

Adam is the 3rd generation in a line of award-winning real estate agents serving SE VA. He has served full time at Garrett Realty Partners since May 2014 when he joined the marketing department before transitioning to full-time sales to assist buyers and sellers in February 2015. He believes that an educated buyer or seller makes the best decisions, & is dedicated to helping with that both digitally & on-site physically for buyers & sellers. He's also available for referrals to real estate agents around the globe. In several capacities, his resources & direct offerings for assisting sellers & assisting buyers are either unmatched or are top 1% for the SE VA area, and in some cases, nationwide. Not stopping after closing, he also provides information for tenants, landlords, & homeowners.


What Adam Offers Buyers

What Adam Offers Sellers

Buyer's Guide

Seller's Guide

Adam's Buyer Feedback of Homes

Listing Appointment with Adam

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