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Initial Buyer Consultation w/ Adam Garrett: 3rd Generation Realtor®

Updated: 3 days ago

Here are details on initial consultations for buyers with real estate agents, particularly with Adam since all real estate agents' skill sets aren't the same, & with a focus on why that consultation is best done either face to face or over a program that allows Adam to screen share so that he can integrate visuals into the discussion to enhance the buyer's understanding, more clearly understand the buyer's preferences, & otherwise:

1. Establish Searches

2. Educating Buyers on Search Portal Navigation Tips Visually

3. Other Potential Points of Discussion Include Financial Preparation for a Home Purchase (Short Term & Long Term), the Market, Interest Rates, Renting vs Purchasing, Area Specific Information, Buyer Brokerage Agreements, etc.

4. Gaining a Better Understanding of the Agent & the Buyer

5. Why In Person or Face to Face with Screen Share Meetings are Best

If you'd like to plan out exactly what you'd like to discuss in a search consultation with Adam, one option, though not required, is to fill out this form.


How To Join Zoom & Screen Share On Zoom (including best practices like using a large screen with a webcam instead of your phone to be able to see my screen better)

Why It's Important to Get Immediate Property Search Updates & Not Rely on Concierge Mode

Seemingly Harmless Questions With Major Consequences if Answered Directly

What Adam Offers Buyers

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