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Traffic Comparison in Hampton Roads

Updated: Apr 4

Most images including above courtesy Google Maps

Traffic is a very important consideration in Hampton Roads. In this guide, I primarily wanted to provide some typical traffic times which can help inform buyers about where they want to consider purchasing. I thought it best to add some helpful additional information as well, especially for those unfamiliar with Hampton Roads.

Planned Road Expansion to Alleviate Traffic (i.e. HRBT)

Best Practices for Navigation in SE VA

Toll Roads in SE VA

Best & Worst Traffic Times

Best Practices for Home Search Creation

How that looks on Google Maps at various times I checked (though dates/times can vary and change over time):

Hampton to/from the Southside:

Langley AFB to/from Carrsville in Isle of Wight County: 1 hour + 40 Minutes in Peak Afternoon Traffic from Langley to Carrsville