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What Adam Offers Real Estate Agents Looking to Refer Buyers & Sellers

Updated: 16 hours ago

In this article, I'd like to go over what I offer real estate agents and a glimpse of what I offer to the buyers and sellers they refer me to for real estate agents looking to refer business my way:

Dozens of reviews & recommendations on various platforms

My list of values as evidenced by quotes from reviews:

  1. Staying Available

  2. Working Hard

  3. Saving Clients Money

  4. Keeping Clients' Interests First

  5. Client Educator (See also my extensive website that includes enough content I've written to fill a book)

  6. High Ethical Standards Including Integrity

  7. Excellence


Access to 5 MLS

Excellent Offerings for Buyers

Excellent Offerings for Sellers

Transparent Coverage Map of Where I Can Help Buyers & Sellers Based on Price & MLS Access