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Client Reviews (more found on Zillow ,  (The main Hampton Roads MLS does not show past sales on, but you'll see the most recommendations there), Google MapsLinkedIn, & Facebook)

A Selection of Some of the Best Reviews/Recommendations Left for Me (with some spelling/punctuation/grammatical revisions when warranted)

"Adam is a remarkable buyers agent. We were moving across the country to an area we had no practical knowledge of. He was tireless in his quest to find us a quality home; researching many listings, sending us video walk-throughs and providing actionable expert opinions on the suitability of the numerous possible houses. After months of his work and countless calls, texts, emails he guided us through negotiations, inspections and repairs prior to our cross country drive cumulating in a Saturday walk through and closing at the house with a mobile notary. This was not an easy endeavor for all but his strong work ethic, integrity, and selflessness saved us so much hassle allowing us to take possession and move in on the day we arrived. We are so thankful to have met Adam." - Paul - Zillow

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"Adam is the best real estate agent we could have asked for. This was our first home purchase, and we looked at a lot of houses and made several offers. Adam has the experience and the integrity to offer solid advice on the market and the particulars of every property we toured. You can tell that a real estate agent is honest when they talk you out of making an offer on a house that would have likely caused a lot of problems for us down the road. We just closed on a home that we love, and we have already started recommending him to everyone we can." Frank - Google Maps

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"Honestly, while I may be a first time home buyer I really feel I had someone reliable and trustworthy on my side. I never felt incompetent although my knowledge and experiance was low to none. I never felt unnecessary stress as I knew I had a great source of knowledge available to me by the name of Adam Garrett. I had an amazing realtor, teacher, advocate and guide through the whole process and never felt alone." Emily - survey

"Adam is a person with a heart of gold - a man of God. This man went out of his way to help me when I was buying a home. I didn't know anything about getting a home. He did things for me any other realtor would have never done. I have so much respect for him; he changed my life and I just want to say thank you again. I wish there were more people in this world like him. You made my dream come true. I like him as a person and am proud to have him as a friend"  Thurman - Facebook


"Adam was superb! Even with a crazy seller's market, he knew exactly how to win a bid with our proposal. This was only our second proposal on a multi-bid deal. Our first proposal, we came to second To a close first. Our Second proposal, Adam sealed the deal. He was detail-oriented in our proposal and in every aspect of the sale process. He literally made the impossible possible in what was a difficult sell process. He was always quick and responsive with us and diplomatic and courteous with the seller side even when there were great challenges. This was our first home buying experience and I highly recommend Adam. He went over and beyond to shows us homes and clear his schedule. He was informative and he does his job with integrity and great passion. As a third generation realtor, his knowledge base and experience is beyond his years. We were very pleased. We couldn't imagine working with any other Realtor." ​Lauren - Facebook

"After doing some intensive realtor research, I reached out to Adam Garrett to help me evaluate a property. Upon meeting Adam, I found him to be one of the most intelligent and knowledgeable individuals I have ever encountered. Adam was able to guide me not only on the property, but on all financial aspects surrounding the purchase. This guidance was tier one and on par with savvy financial consultants. Adam was even a shoulder to lean on for support during a family emergency. I was amazed how an individual with such business talent could also have such empathy and kindness. You will not find another Realtor with this unique blend of talents. If you want to be an informed buyer/seller and have a Realtor that you can trust, Adam Garrett should be your only choice. You will find that all your expectations are exceeded and working with Adam will give you a true sense of peace.

Thank You Adam" Ryan-Paul - Google Maps


I’m a first time home buyer and Adam basically got me through this entire experience by himself. There was very little I had to research on my own that he didn’t just provide through his own hard work and patience.
Here are some traits he exhibits.
- extremely knowledgeable 
- well prepared 
- timely/punctual (he will respond in the middle of the night sometimes! Which saved me a few times) 
- flexible (whatever your living or travel situation, he will make it work)
10/10, would recommend" Connor - Facebook 

"Adam Garrett is an awesome guy who genuinely cares about the people he helps and will always do the right thing. My wife and I talked to him first when we were buying our first home together but we were way outside of his area and he was able to provide us with a quality referral instead. He kept in touch with us though and did some research for us and gave us professional advice throughout our home-buying process and didn't ask for anything in return. If you're working with Adam you can definitely be confident you're working with a great Realtor who will put your interests first!" Micah - Facebook

"Adam Garrett is definitely THE most friendly, knowledgeable, and driven realtor in Hampton Roads!! He will absolutely go above and beyond to find or sell your house. I had multitudes of questions—questions about taxes, escalating clauses, siding, anything under the sun. Everything you do *not* know, he has a spreadsheet for that! And always makes himself available for phone calls as soon as he is able. If you’re a buyer, He will take into account your preferences for schools, safety, home layout, neighborhood preference, and more. He found us our home despite my husband and I being overseas in Korea. And after we found our house he was always extremely responsive to any questions I had about the house - and would keep working at it until an issue was resolved. Just today, 5 months after we bought our house the heating and gas fireplace weren’t turning on; I notified Adam and he came over right away - with space heaters for us to borrow, warm clothes, and blankets !! And got the fireplace and Gas furnace/heater working! He didn’t have to do any of that- and it was all better treatment than what even a paid property manager would deliver! Thanks again, Adam!" Megan - Google Maps


"Adam was incredibly knowledgeable, dedicated and professional in every aspect of my home-buying process. Homebuying can be stressful, and I am a first-timer, but Adam helped me to understand the ins and outs of the entire process and was always available when I had a question that needed answering or if I needed guidance with a decision. His communication and guidance was invaluable and I don't think I would have had as great of an experience as I did had I gone with another realtor. He truly went above and beyond in every respect, and I would highly recommend Adam to anyone buying or selling a home!" Kayla - Google Maps

"Excellent experience in everything. This puchase will help me to save a lot of money. We feel like you're not just our Realtor, but our friend. I'm sure for the next transaction that I will contact you directly. I will recommend you to friends and family." John - Google Maps

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"My family and I were very lucky to have had Adam Garrett as our Realtor.  He is personable, professional, knowledgeable on the local market, and altogether pretty awesome!  We couldn't have had a more smooth and more pleasant home-buying experience.  Not to mention, he found us a super deal on a very nice Tabb area home." Julio- Google Maps

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