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Homeowner Resources

Updated: Jan 18

Happy homeowner getting keys

In this article, I'll be sharing resources for new & existing homeowners that will be helpful whether you just closed or have been in your home for years.

Ongoing Property Maintenance

Get a Library Card & Free Streaming via Kanopy

Avoid Fines

Connect with Others in Your Community

Finding Things To Do

Finding Restaurants

Cost Effective Improvements

Seasonally Sensitive Pictures If Thinking About Selling or Renting Out Your Property in the Future

Capitalize on Your Commute

Prepare to Say No to Those Who Send You Mail, Call You, & Come to Your Home Looking for Money or Looking for You To Sign Away on Something

Keeping in Touch with Your Buyer's Agent

If Thinking About Selling Your Property in the Future

If Thinking About Renting Out Your Property in the Future

Keep Track of Interest Rates if You Have a Mortgage

Keep Track of the Market

Additional Articles


See the "Post Closing" section at the bottom of my Buyer's Guide

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