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Adam Garrett's Video Visuals for Out of Town Buyers/Sellers

Updated: Sep 11

Many buyers and sellers are aware of the fact that which agent you choose to represent you, should you not attempt a solo purchase or sale, has a high impact on your purchase or sale experience. Many are not aware that when buying or selling from out of town, which agent you choose to represent you matters even more. Here are some of the top areas of importance for those buying or selling from out of town:

Camera Phone with High Image Quality & Excellent Image Stabilization

I use the latest Samsung Ultra 5G (arguably the best phone out on the market for video & pictures, w/ review video in sentence comparing it to the latest best Iphone) for live footage and the S22 Ultra 5G for recorded footage at the time of this edit, 9/5/23.


Manual/Mechanical Stabilization

Pointing Out Negatives

Multiple Lights


Ladder for scuttle access attics

Wide Angle Video

Adam's Special Items that are more rare

Adam's Wishlist for Future Acquisitions


What Adam Offers Buyers

What Adam Offers Sellers

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