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My availability:

I value availability and saving my clients as much time and money as possible, whether buying or selling. I work around my clients' time frames & am typically available 9-6:30 EST Monday through Saturday unless I have an appointment already although in some cases I'll make exceptions for earlier or later. I tend to have the least appointments booked Wed morning-Friday morning where my schedule is typically the most flexible. I believe that it's critical to take my Christian faith and my own family seriously but still respond to emergencies on Sunday & urgent matters after 6:30 PM Mon-Sat. In a 5 week sample I pulled, Sundays had 1/47th of the new listings input, & Saturdays only had 1/20th. While the origin of my reasoning is faith, taking at least a day off each week is backed by science to be more effective in the remaining 6 days 1,2,3. For buyers & sellers who need more regular availability on Sundays & after 6:30 PM for showings & extended communication, I can refer you to other agents who regularly work those times. In the event that my faith preferences are a concern due to negative experiences with Christianity, please note this recommendation by an atheist on my Linkedin profile that should alleviate some concerns.


What clients are saying:

Urgent matters & my average response time are likely the reasons why people like Aaron Bonanni stated in a Facebook recommendation of me, "It didn't matter what time it was he was always available and ready to work for us." Carlos Rivera also stated in that same group of reviews, "He was quick to respond to our questions and when he didn't know the answer he found the answer and responded back to us within minutes."


Remote options:

For those who prefer distance viewing of properties, I can show you homes live with multiple platform options or I can record footage of a home, video after contractor repairs/updates, or of an overview of an inspection at the house for you in HD to view at your leisure. I have unlimited cloud storage, with 100's of GB of video I've shot already, and can put all your videos of homes in one place. I am also available for webcam chat including Google Hangouts (, Google Meet, Skype (Adam.B.Garrett), Facebook, Oovoo, Zoom, a video call, etc. I prefer using Zoom in light of the features it has, including screensharing, remote desktop, zooming with video, recording, etc.

I also can arrange digital signatures for most aspects of a transaction with some exclusions for closing which is best done with wet signatures & a notary or at whichever closing company you are using. I also have uploaded some instructions for buyers (such as for initial disclosure forms to sign, Matrix viewing of properties, phantom property availability, flood zones within Matrix, area quality, etc.) and for sellers (such as an explanation of forms to sign for listing: be sure to notice the ability to skip ahead via the description to particular forms) that can be viewed remotely without the need to come into the office. 

For those who prefer a more hands on approach, including those who don't type and don't have an email address, I can work with faxes or in person if you are in most of SE VA. I have a portable printer & excellent quality cameraphone (Samsung S-21 Ultra 5G as of 6/28/21) for scanning which is helpful in this regard and our scattered offices are helpful. 

Corporate Office:

11864 Canon Blvd., Suite 103 Newport News, VA 23606

Other offices in:

Newport News,


Richmond (1, 2, 3, 4),

Smithfield (8/21 on),

Virginia Beach,


Email_   Tel_   757-879-9651

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