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What Adam Offers Buyers

Updated: Apr 28

In this article, I wanted to go over what I offer buyers, point by point, as well as a bit of information about me.

About Adam in Brief

Unmatched Digital Resources for Buyers in SE VA

Unmatched SE VA Programs to Reduce Home Cost

Unmatched SE VA Offer Considerations Spreadsheet

Unmatched SE VA Buyer's Guide

Unmatched SE VA Home Purchase Considerations

Unmatched SE VA Area Guide

Top 1% Physical Resources for Buyers

Top 1% Research Prior to Showings

5 MLS Across a Large Coverage Area (top 3%) & Transparent Coverage Map

$1k Guarantees for Metrics in Titles Above

Past 1 Year Sales Volume as High as the Top 3% of Buyers Agents in the Area

Dozens of Reviews & List of values as evidenced by reviews

Experience: Over 100 Transactions

Low if Any Cost (my commission has always come from the seller)


Experienced Agent Fill-Ins When I'm Unavailable

How Adam Can Help

Excellent Offerings for Sellers if You Ever Need to Sell

Flexible Buyer Brokerage Options & Communication Options


About the Author: Adam Garrett - 3rd Generation REALTOR®

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