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Personalized Cost Savings Report
Many buyers are looking for down payment assistance and other resources to help them qualify. I have put together a list of down payment assistance programs and other programs to help buyers save and qualify which is so comprehensive that I offer $1000 to anyone who can show me a more comprehensive list without copying mine. These programs include literally "discount(ing)... 50% from the list price", no down payment loans up to $1,000,000, a program to buy where "credit score (is) not considered", $40,000 in forgivable down payment assistance, 0% interest equivalent loans, 38-year loans, and otherwise. Get the programs that, in my opinion, are the best fit for you after filling out this form. For best results, answer each question. 

While not as thorough, if you'd like more immediate results, here is a list of home-buying programs by state (i.e. VA) & here is another form that produces a short list of immediate results.

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