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I Offer Excellent Search Options for Buyers

Agents have far more options than the public to create very detailed searches due to a lot of search features unavailable to the public. Many buyers have specific search requirements, such as schools rated a certain # or more on GreatSchools, homes that are in areas eligible for USDA loans, Hub Zones, or otherwise. Most agents are unwilling to take the time to create searches on MLS to satisfy these requirements, but I have found that it can be done with the time that most agents would prefer to spend prospecting for new business. I have been told that I don't prospect enough by at least one other agent. I spend a lot of time that would otherwise be dedicated to such endeavors for building of infrastructure that is helpful for current and future buyers and sellers including complex searches like those below. I have performed searches including but not limited to each of those below in order to help fulfill the needs of prospective buyers. Sometimes just one of those sort of searches takes multiple hours to put together, but they can be done and I have put forth that effort. For some buyers, I have created dozens of separate searches to satisfy their specific needs, with automatic updates coming on a daily basis as new properties hit the market. You can see examples of such searches here:

USDA Search

USDA Search Zoomed in for Detail

You can look up maps of crime, area values, or other demographics and include or exclude certain areas by drawing a map of inclusions and/or exclusions on the program Paint or another similar program & ask me to match your drawings to MLS.


Another example is avoiding all hurricane evacuation zones such as below:

Avoiding Evac zones.jpg

7+ GreatSchools School District Search Example (at the time of writing)

In the following search, if a buyer gives me a list of properties (such as 7+ School Districts that they list since even saying 7+ without giving me a list can be construed as "steering" & doesn't even exist in some cities), and added them to a Matrix search (giving the ability to get automatic daily updates based on detailed criteria, etc.) making minor exceptions in some cases with ones rated 6 if the other 2 schools in that school district were 7+. 

school based.jpg

If you're considering commercial property, Hub Zones have added benefits.

Hub Zones.jpg
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