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Should You Sell As is?

Updated: Jun 20

Typically you shouldn't sell as is, because you'll typically be netting lower profits by selling as is than you would if selling after doing some work to the home and being willing to do more work should the buyer request reasonable repairs. That said, there are some exceptions where selling as is will be viable. As a buyer, sometimes it can be good to buy as is if you're willing to go through the hassle that a seller isn't in order to gain the profits that the seller loses because of their unwillingness or inability.

Above: My as-is HUD foreclosure purchase that is my rental property where I got a fantastic deal in part because it was being sold as is and other buyers didn't want it.

Below I'll go over some of the main reasons why I believe that, with expandable sections in case you'd like to skip around.

In rare cases, sellers are best suited to sell a home without any repairs, as is, & with just some clean up/staging.

For instance, that would typically be the case when I list a home for a seller who is short on cash, selling a short sale, works overtime, and who is no longer in town. Even in that case though, cleaning is recommended if the seller &/or friends/family are able to come in town and do some DIY cleaning, lawn care, maintenance, etc. as long as the quality of the work done wouldn't make a situation worse. An appraiser (such as for a bank) is more likely to see past a dirty home than a buyer.

One of the biggest issues I find with sellers wanting to sell a home "as is" derives from inheritance where they don't want to deal with the hassle of all needing to be in agreement on repairs and are splitting proceeds between multiple parties, but if your family doesn't tend to argue that much, it might not be a bad idea, while a family that already has a number of interpersonal issues may not want to stir up the pot.

Problem 1 with selling as is: Lower Net Profits

Problem 2 with selling as is: Repair Requests & Price Reduction Requests After Contract Ratification

Problem 3 with selling as is: Higher Probability of Contract Fall Through (Which Also Often Leads to a Lower Net)

Should You Sell As Is to an Off Market Buyer? (Typically No)

Does Adam Help Sellers Sell As Is?

How Listening to My Advice to Not Sell As Is Has Helped Sellers Get Higher Net Prices

Selling Almost As Is: Better than Selling As Is

Buying As Is

My example purchasing as is

Funding Repairs

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