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Referrals for Agents other than Adam across the globe:

Many people today are finding the agent that they use to buy or sell a home, lot, or commercial property online. Sometimes they will find an individual agent whom they feel is a good fit for them or who offers something unique that they haven't seen with other agents, sometimes they will choose an organization, bank, or group that they are a part of or follow. When choosing to request an agent from a group, organization, or bank, most often the institution automatically assigns you to someone (or multiple people vying for your business) without any manual placement or the first agent that responds to your request that they send out to multiple agents. I personally get leads for business from some of these sorts of sources.

What if, instead of being assigned to a random agent that was automatically generated from a pool of agents local to your area or the first who responded to a mass email, you could have an agent do a manual search for you in your area tailored to your preferences, where the agent searched for at least an hour before coming to conclusions about the best few possibilities that fit your unique preferences as well as some standard criteria that the agent looks for such as high reviews & experience in your area? What if those agents were also able to often match or exceed the net impact of whatever benefits you were being offered by others in many cases, such as often with rebates, free professional photography, non-exclusive buyer brokerage agreements if you have had bad experiences with deadbeat buyer's agents, or otherwise? I can offer all of that; just be sure to send me a picture or screen-shot in the case of matching what others are offering.


You may or may not already know this fact, but real estate agents can get high-value referral fees for referring you to another real estate agent to buy or sell in a different area even if it's in a different part of the country. What that can mean for you is that if I am going to give you a referral, I have a high financial incentive to give you the best referral possible. 


Additional Home Buying Incentives

As an added bonus, I have a larger list of home buying incentives than any resource that I've found after scouring the internet including combining lists of lists all into one place for the most comprehensive resource I am aware of for helping you to save further on a home purchase. I believe in it so much that if you find a more comprehensive list than the one I have, and send it to me, I will give you $100. The value of some of these resources is incredible. Programs exist where eligible buyers can get as little as 0% interest, up to $65,000 in down payment assistance, 50% off a home, 37 year loans, options for no down payment, “credit score not considered,” and otherwise. The programs include some with no income limits, including one to help people acquire homes up to $1,000,000.  I can offer an hour of research (primarily targeted to your state and local programs) for buyers for programs to reduce your home costs for those who will be acquiring a loan, & can provide some national programs that I've found over the years for those purchasing in cash or using financing. For more information on home buying incentive examples available in my local area, click here. For those who would like me to refer them to 1-3 other agents and would like the home buying programs that I offer with that, click here. For the minimum 1 hr of research & associated $100 guarantee, a minimum 3 month exclusive buyer brokerage agreement with an agent that I have referred you to needs to be signed. Alternatively, if you'd prefer to forego the agent referral, but would still like me to find the best home buying incentives for you, you can set the amount of time that you want me to research, from 30 minutes to 5 hours, at a rate of $150/hr.

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Adam is highly selective about what agents he refers to buyers & sellers. That said, any agent can add themselves to his list of referral possibilities. Once the list grows to sufficient size, he plans to share the list with those who have added themselves as a free means of looking up a referral in a way that provides more detailed possibilities for comparing the quality of referrals than any other free option Adam has seen available. While Adam won't refer you to a buyer or seller if you're a brand new agent no matter what referral fee you're offering, only referring experienced agents with strong evidence to their quality available, another agent might refer a brand new agent for a high referral fee, so even if you're new, it's not a bad idea to add yourself for other agents who might refer you.


For those who are top agents, the form & the spreadsheet I have created allows you to really show off what you have to offer that sets you apart from other agents, from sales volume, to digital and physical resources, to education. While the required sections are relatively short, the optional sections are extensive. If an option like this one was freely available to all, I'd probably be getting a LOT more referrals myself because of all that I have to offer and my willingness to offer competitive referral fees if the referral fee percentage means more to another agent than the quality of the agent (since if it was only about quality comparison I'd be getting a lot more).