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10+ Types of No Down Payment Required Mortgages

Updated: May 8

Many are familiar with VA loans, and fewer are familiar with USDA loans, each of which provides a mortgage with no down payment required. Many are unfamiliar with some of the other types of loans available to a broader spectrum of buyers. In this article, I wanted to share about those and some of the many alternatives. I'm also throwing in an option for $100 down loans, & some options where the buyer doesn't need to come up with a down payment, though technically they require a down payment. Please keep in mind that I am not a lender, only a licensed real estate agent.

Typically, but not always, these programs are restricted by minimum credit scores, but some agents like myself can help future buyers with their credit for free prior to purchasing.

3 Conventional loans with no down payment required for 1st time home buyers

Doctor loans at many banks

NACA: no down payment, no closing costs, below market rates, solid buy-down options, and credit score not considered

VA Loans for active duty, reserves, & former military