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Live Aboarding on a Boat

While I've gone on cruises and slept in some of my dad's boats & other boats for short trips on the boat, I've never done live-aboarding, but the concept interested me a lot when I was a bachelor. Ultimately a home purchase and renting out rooms as a bachelor was a much better financial decision for me before my tenants left soon before I got married.

Live Aboarding can be Superior Financially vs a Trailer Park

Prime Example Pictured Above: My Friends Dr. Jim & Mary Rudisill on Their Liveaboard at the Time

2 Main Liveaboard Strategies: Docked or Anchored

Snow Bird Strategy for Liveaboarding Part of the Year

Liveaboard Dock Examples in SE VA

While you may need to travel to get one in many cases, there are options for free boats that you could live on, like these:

Free Sailboat Examples (Ideal for Lowest Cost)

Free More Roomy Craft


About the Author: Adam Garrett - 3rd Generation REALTOR®

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