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Adam's Buyer Feedback

Updated: Jan 3

My feedback to buyers prior to & within showings is within the top 3% of agents in my opinion.

Prior to ever performing a showing at a property, I look for positives and negatives that are not clear from the listing, going through a sequence of those issues as part of my standard operating procedure. I also reach out to listing agents regarding potential issues that my listing review brings up as well as asking for things like active offers and requesting to take pics/video for personal reference. In some cases, responses from listing agents eliminate a buyer from wanting to see a property.

I am highly vocal when I go through properties, pointing out many positives and negatives as I encounter them, far more so than most agents. Unlike most agents, I do things like going into attics that have scuttle access only with my ladder, looking in crawlspaces with the most powerful flashlight sold of its size or the most powerful flashlight sold period, or using a plethora of other physical tools I have that most agents don't have. Because of that, I'm able to see many things that other agents will never notice in a showing. I also have digital tools that greatly assist with showings that most agents don't have available, like a currently private HVAC/AC year identifier & public water heater year identifier.

In this link are examples of my written feedback.

That said, audio-only feedback is typically even higher volume due to the lower time required while I maintain a record via an audio recording if desired by the buyer for showings.

While some buyers prefer written notes, and others prefer audio notes for a more interactive experience, my property notes that I create for buyers who prefer written notes are so thorough that I am not just getting positive feedback from the buyers I work with, but from listing agents as well who sometimes ask for feedback.

Agents that do not work for my company and that I have never met before have said things like the following quotes from texts I've received:

A. That may be the absolute best feedback response I have ever received. Show our listings ANYTIME! Thank you!

B. Wow!! Very thorough!!

C. Wow! Thank you for the informative feedback Adam!

D. Wow.... this is the most detailed feedback and is appreciated (smile/hug emoji)

E. I have to say that is one of the best review feedback ever in my real estate career. Thank you Adam.

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