Tips for Video Showings of Real Estate (i.e. a House)

I believe that it's critical for prospective buyers to be informed prior to a showing about how to best go about a virtual showing. In this article, I wanted to share my top tips.

Observe the area of a property online prior to showing, including outside of the main listing that may be intentionally hiding negative elements.

Sometimes a buyer will start a video of a property and decide just by a glimpse of the area or the house itself from an angle not shown in the pictures that they do not want to even walk in. In the case of live video, while sometimes it's easy to rearrange appointments at subsequent properties, sometimes it's not. In the case of recorded video, through the Google Map street view you can often see much of what I would see before entering the property & that 1 step of a few minutes can save me much more time than that.

While there are dozens of area factors that you can check out online, here are just a few:

1. If you're looking in an area where flooding can be an issue in certain areas, as is the case in Hampton Roads, check if the property is in a flood zone (how to do it within the Matrix portal that Adam can set up for you if he hasn't already)

(Image courtesy Youtube)

2. Check the crime of the neighborhood (1, 2)

3. Get a visual of the area via Google maps, including street view, aerial view, and their 3D mode in the event that you are looking in an area with a sizable enough population density for the 3d mode to be possible.

3d mode example:

Street view example:

Also, if you are doing future in-person showings & 1 property is distant from others, it can be frustrating for buyers to drive all the way out somewhere only to find that there is no way that they would live there without even walking in.

Arrange a Video Platform Prior to Showing

Use a Large Screen

Look at Virtual Tour First if Home Has One

Advanced Notice on Area Video

Live & Recorded

Consider earnest money deposit in advance if you trust your agent & want to save potentially $30

I hope that's helpful!

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