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What to Look for in a Buyer's Agent for Your Home or Other Real Estate

For prospective buyers' agents, it's a good idea to investigate them online. See how many properties they've transacted on in their career on places like Zillow that will often have information like that. Look at the price tags of those sales and see if there's a pattern. How often do they represent buyers? Do they cover your area? Which MLS do they have access to?

While most buyer's agents cover a relatively small territory, here's an example map below of my coverage area for buyers based on price range with MLS in orange & whited-out areas being areas without as solid MLS coverage:

For more details on my coverage map, go here.

Items to look for before agreeing to interview a prospective agent:

How Experienced Are They?

While experience doesn't mean everything, an agent's total transaction history is very important. A brand new agent who just got into the business, no matter how much education or good intentions they have, will still have a big learning curve.

Have you ever heard the term "Practice doesn't make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect."? In real estate, high volume often means cut corners vs other full-time agents who may be working even harder but putting their heart into it and seeking higher levels of excellence in their craft.

The more real estate education, real estate experience (including total sales) and years of full-time real estate they have under their belt, the better. An easy way to see their current number of years of service & total number of transactions in many cases (though some properties may be excluded due to MLS issues syncing with Zillow or reporting issues) is to look on their Zillow profile.

In my case, at the time of this writing I have over 100 transactions under my belt, started in the marketing department at my firm full-time in May 2014, then transitioned directly into sales at the start of February 2015.

How are Their Reviews?

What Are They Communicating?

What Have They Published?

Faith Preferences

Property Type


Items to look for before & in your prospective agent's appointment:

Industry Knowledge

Within your appointment and other interaction with a prospective agent you should be able to tell that they know what they're doing. You may be able to see additional educational information on their Linkedin Profile or website. Some of the best advice on real estate I get is from the team at my firm including my dad, who has sold more homes cumulatively than likely anyone in Hampton Roads alive.

What Gadgets/Physical Tools Does Your Agent Have Available?

What Digital Tools Does Your Agent Have Available?

What Multiple Listing Service (MLS) are available for searches & for research properties found independently (up to 5 with Adam)?

What's their buyer brokerage policy?