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What to Look for in a Buyer's Agent for Your Home or Other Real Estate

Updated: Apr 2

In this article I wanted to go over how to locate a buyer's agent suitable for a home purchase. Keep in mind that the buyer's agent you choose can be of greater importance than the house or other real estate that you choose since with the wrong agent, you might never see a house. With the right agent, you might win in a situation where 10 other buyers are competing for the same property.

For prospective buyers' agents, it's a good idea to investigate them online. Below I'll give you tools on what to look for and what to find out in an interview.

Items to look for before contacting a prospective agent:

Do They Cover my Target Area & Price Range?

How Experienced Are They?

How are Their Reviews?

What Are They Communicating?

What Have They Published?

Faith Preferences

Property Type


Items to look for before & in your prospective agent's appointment:

Industry Knowledge

What Gadgets/Physical Tools Does Your Agent Have Available?

What Digital Tools Does Your Agent Have Available?

What Multiple Listing Service (MLS) are available for searches & for research properties found independently (up to 5 with Adam)?

What's their buyer brokerage policy?

How do they handle agent showing fill-ins?

Do they lock you into using their lender?

How do they handle dual agency?

If you need a buyer's agent, and I serve your area in the price range that you're looking in, feel free to reach out to me.

Even if I don't serve your desired area in your price range, I can often provide a referral Monday-Saturday. That said, at unusually low price points (i.e. $30k on a 3% commission), I may be unable to do that, with few exceptions. An example of an exception at an unusually low price point/commission is if you are a non-profit working towards a cause that I care deeply about, like combatting human trafficking. For something like that, no matter the price point, I can still provide referrals.

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