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Making an Offer on Real Estate

Updated: Oct 27

Below you'll find important matters to note regarding purchase offers in real estate, acquisitions prior to the offer, & common offer elements.

Important to Note:

Offer Preferences

Go Over Comparable Sales With Your Agent

If Wanting to do a Verbal Offer

Multiple Offer Spreadsheet


Different Types of Offers in SE VA

Acquisitions Prior to Offer:

Get Updated Proof of Funds/Preapproval

Earnest Money Deposit

Questions for Listing Agent or Research

If Also Selling w/ Home Sale Contingency

Documentation Linking You to Any Other Purchase Entity

Offer Elements Beyond Acquisitions

Repairs Visible Prior to Offer:


Escalation Clauses

Letters to the Seller

Atypical Elements

Home Inspections

Termite/Moisture Inspections

Other Inspections

Other Contingencies

Seller Possession Agreements

Buyer Possession Agreements

Offer Deadline

Closing Date

Closing Cost Assistance

Many More Offer Elements


Competing Offer Spreadsheet

Below & Above Asking Price Offers

Hampton Roads Offers: The REIN Standard Purchase Agreement

House Buyer Guide

What Adam Offers Buyers

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