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Gadget/Tool List of Adam Garrett

Updated: Nov 13, 2023

Above: view of my mobile office setup, here in the Gather co-working space in Norfolk, one of a number of office options I have.

My primary tools/gadgets:

While my digital tools are also extensive & not listed here, I either have available to bring or bring by default physical tools & gadgets to showings (for listings and for buyers) that most agents simply don't invest in, such as but not limited to the following tools, organized by use type. Feel free to click the pertinent category to expand the view with my list:

During the Showing, Walk Through Inspection, Home Inspection, or Listing Appointment

In Between Showings or Listing Appointments

Available to Leave in Homes After Initial Listing

Before/After the Showings or Initial Listing Appointments

After Closing


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