My Team

While the Greg Garrett Realty corporate complex contains the central location for over 50 real estate sales specific staff & independent agents, and I am not including here those who are affiliated business, some of whom also have offices in Greg Garrett Realty, here are some of the go-to Greg Garrett Realty support network that I have available to assist with buyers and sellers.


Support Staff

Jacob Hanny

Field Representative

Available to install lock boxes, put up signs, and do other tasks when I am not available & certain tasks which I typically am not involved in to help facilitate sales. 


Micah Hunt

Director of the Senior Support Team

He has over 8 years of experience in the healthcare industry and is using his experience to help the elderly. Micah guides families that are looking to downsize into a more manageable living space & can help with many other senior-specific needs. 

Behind the Scenes Support Staff

Marie Karika

MLS Coordinator

Inputs listing changes, initial listings, contracts into MLS, and provides feedback about anything that agents may miss or need correcting. 


Iris LaTullippe


While Iris is only one of the staff in our accounting division, she is my primary point of contact who assists with matters such as helping ensure out of town sellers have options for paying contractors.

mike leming.jpg

Michael Leming

Marketing Coordinator

Puts together highlight sheets, mailers for buyers looking for homes in neighborhoods where few properties are listed, foldover brochures, open house flyers, & otherwise for most agents. Because I started in the marketing department, & can perform many of his standard tasks, I need his assistance much less than the average agent

Managing Staff

Collin Mcdowell

General Sales Manager

He provides training & excellent advice about a wide variety of subjects related to Real Estate. He is both very helpful and very available.

Greg Garrett

Founder of Greg Garrett Realty

My father provides 1 on 1 coaching with me & excellent advice about a wide variety of subjects related to Real Estate. As the #1 Realtor in many Hampton Roads cities for decades, his advice is second to none. Sometimes we co-list properties and at other times when he is unavailable, sometimes I will fill in for him for his own clients. Sometimes he will join me on some of my own appointments, and having him available for a conference call for his expertise is invaluable.

Col. Dick Hyde

Principal Broker

Col. is a contract expert who both provides excellent advice and goes over every contract at Greg Garrett Realty.  He started at GGR & has been here for decades. When I got my license years ago, the class I took prior to the exam was from Col.



Marvin Adams



I have known Marvin since I was a child when he worked at Greg Garrett Realty decades ago. He is still an agent here, and has completed over 500 transactions where buyers and sellers have bought/sold properties. He has acquired many awards in that time. When I am rarely unavailable, whether due to a prior appointment with family, emergency, or otherwise, Marvin is one of the first I contact.  


Mercedes Villenada



While I speak some Spanish, after taking it in middle school and two semesters in college, as well as going to Spanish speaking countries over 1 dozen times, I am still not fluent. While there are multiple fluent Spanish speaking agents at GGR, I contact Mercedes first. For buyers who do not speak English fluently, I refer them to Mercedes to help them buy and sell. 

Adam Roach



Adam is an award-winning agent who, like Marvin, I contact in the rare occasions where I am not going to be available when a buyer or seller needs an agent's help.