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Agent to Agent Hourly Assistance

My fees:

I do not actively pursue agent-to-agent assistance but am willing to help at times. To see my current standard fees, you can add $25/hr to the amounts on my page on rental assistance for the lowest-cost rentals (& highest fees).

Keep in mind that charges are based on time at property, admin time, & transit.

I try to be very thorough with my work which takes more time than most Realtors for admin & in-person assistance.

Notable tools I have available include but are not limited to the following:

1. Most powerful flashlight sold MS18

2. Laser measurer

3. Laser temperature reader

4. Thermal imaging camera

5. Samsung Galaxy S-22 Ultra 5-G as of 10.26.22 (check with me about my most recent phone if not 2022)

6. Mavic Air 2 drone 

7. Ladder

8. Toolbox including drill

9. Outlet tester

10. More


As of 10.26.22 I have access to REIN, CBRAR, CVR, WBG, & NNeck MLS.

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