Agent to Agent Assistance

My fees:

I do not actively pursue agent to agent assistance but am willing to help at times. To see my current standard fees, see my page on rental assistance for the highest cost rentals (& lowest fees), with the accruing extra 25% & 50% resetting on Dec 31st on 2025, 2030, 2035, & 2040.

Keep in mind that charges are based on time at property, admin time, & transit.

Keep in mind that I try to be very thorough with my work which takes more time than most Realtors for admin & in person.

Notable tools I have available include but are not limited to the following:

1. Most powerful flashlight sold MS18

2. Laser measurer

3. Laser temperature reader

4. Thermal imaging camera

5. Samsung Galaxy S-21 Ultra 5-G as of 6.28.21 (check with me about my most recent phone if not 2021)

6. Mavic Air 2 drone 

7. Ladder

8. Toolbox including drill

9. Outlet tester


As of 6.28.21 I have access to REIN, CBRAR, CVR, WBG, & NNeck MLS.