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Master Spreadsheet for Prospective Home Purchase Considerations

Updated: Feb 7

In this link, I've created a master spreadsheet for home purchase considerations for buyers. I'm unaware of any publicly available spreadsheet that can come close to being as comprehensive as this one for the task of comparing potential properties (homes) being considered for purchase. While some of the hyperlinks & information are specific to SE VA, much of the content is applicable nationwide.

How to best use the spreadsheet:

This spreadsheet can be accessed from a mobile device, but is best accessed and edited on a desktop/laptop.

Some items are specific to homes, thus row 4, and others are specific to land only, thus row 5.

Included in the spreadsheet is row 3, labeled as "Importance to you (1-10, with 10 being important and 1 being irrelevant) then possible to order by Importance, excluding cells in this row not white." If a buyer is not concerned about a certain section, or if it doesn't apply and never will, you may want to eliminate the row entirely from your consideration, or move it far to the right. Conversely, for those issues that are most important to you, you may want to move them to the left of the spreadsheet. To help with that, see row 3, input the items based on your importance, and you can sort yourself using the desktop version of Google Sheets. To change the order on a desktop or laptop:

  1. Click on the 2 letter name of a vertical column (i.e. "BC", "BQ" etc.). When you do so, the whole column should be highlighted.

  2. Click on the 2 letter name of a vertical column again, this time, holding down on the mouse while dragging the column to the left or to the right. When doing so, be sure to not pass the orange section on the left ("BA" at the time of this writing).

  3. Please do not rearrange items to the left of the large black bar (Column AF as of 2/7/23) & please don't change the order of the orange items if Adam is your agent, since he has created a property view to snyc with the spreadsheet in mass based on that order to however many properties are within one REIN MLS search in less than 1 minute of copying & pasting (which would otherwise take possibly more than 30 minutes if for a dozen properties).


If you are an agent, you are welcome to share the spreadsheet with others as long as the title remains unchanged. If you want to make significant modifications to the spreadsheet, my name and the name of my company should remain in the title.

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