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Expeditious Showings

Updated: Feb 2

In this article I wanted to share some important elements of expeditious showings, a critical tool in a buyer's belt for getting under contract on the best house for them available when they're looking.

Importance of expeditious showings

The importance of expeditious showings is hard to underemphasize. I’ve seen where a buyer I was representing got in quickly on a home that had just hit the market in a hot market and was able to get under contract (with closing cost assistance even) before a cash buyer made a much stronger offer too late. While it impacted what the seller was willing to do when it came time for the home inspection, the buyer was very glad to get their offer in first. With the median days on market being as low as they are, sometimes properties go under contract very quickly, & the best properties go under contract typically below the median time on market at any given time.

How to expedite time between a property hitting the market and your showing

When do the most listings hit the market?

When are property listings least accurate?

Relevant Contract/MLS Basics to Know

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