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Adam's Area Photos For Listings

Updated: Dec 25, 2022

A commonly neglected element of real estate photography is area amenity photos, taken not at the home itself, but from the air and from the ground, within easy reach of future prospective buyers, but too far for most listing agents & photographers to take the time to care about. These amenities & local attractions often have a lot to offer. These photos start with HOA/Condo amenities, if applicable, but they don't stop there.

Often 50 photos is the limit for MLS input entry. A small number of area amenity photos enhance an already high square footage &/or high acreage listing, while a higher number of area amenity photos can cover significant gaps in space for a smaller home so that a full 50 photos is present. Below I wanted to share some examples of precisely that.

Please note that no photo on this page may be used to help list a property for sale or rent without express permission from Adam Garrett.

My Typical Listing Practice for Photography

I. My typical listing practice for photography is to use the following at no cost to the seller: 1. At the home a. Professional photography of the home b. virtual tours c. aerial photography 2. In the neighborhood when the community has amenities within it: Amenity photos from the ground and air 3. Outside the neighborhood: Amenity &/or local job photos from the ground and air

Seasonal Limitation

The Importance of HOA/Condo Amenities, when Applicable, and Area Attractions

The Importance of Ground & Air Area Photos

Pole Shots, not Just Drone Shots, from the Air

Including Large Places of Employment in Area Photos

Not Neglecting the Area Immediately Surrounding a Home

Night Time Photography