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Adam Garrett's Digital Tool Belt

Updated: Apr 24, 2023

Above: the 5 multiple listing services I have access to as of 11/22

While my physical tools to help buyers and sellers are extensive, my digital resources are even more extensive, with far more hours input to make them a reality. Their # below is lower than those listed on my physical tools section, but that’s because below is the tip of the ice berg, while the physical tools list is more comprehensive though not exhaustive.

If I could pay the thousands I invested into my physical tools to acquire digital tools as extensive as I have acquired, I would in a heartbeat, because the value of the digital resources I have is so much higher than the physical tools and is an invaluable aspect of my business. I regularly add/revise my digital resources, especially when prompted by questions of buyers who would be assisted by further resources than what I currently have available.

Here are a small sampling of some of the digital resources that I have available. If a link isn’t included, it’s in part because I don’t want other agents to plagiarize my work since it’s unpublished information & because it could be considered breaking the rules regarding buyer brokerage to any buyer or seller it’s provided to who doesn’t have an active buyer brokerage agreement with me or listing agreement with me since it includes unpublished advice.

This website

Educated buyers and sellers make the best decisions. You'll notice that this website is far more extensive than typical agent websites in terms of the volume of written content on a wide variety of subjects. I built this website over time as I grew in knowledge and as my desires as well as the needs of buyers and sellers became more apparent.

Dozens of unpublished Google Docs & Spreadsheets

System Year Identification Spreadsheet

Flood zone resources

Here are the 5 MLS I have access to for buyers & sellers as of 10/31/22, giving me much higher coverage than typical agents in our region:

Spreadsheet Comparing, among 5 MLS, which MLS is used in what SE VA cities, including %

Public School District Ratings Compared

I’ve spent dozens of hours on MLS templates for buyers, such as these examples.

Asking the right questions of agents via spreadsheet templates

An extensive home purchase considerations spreadsheet I’ve put together to compare potential properties for buyers

Support of around 100 agents & other staff at Garrett Realty Partners

Numerous text auto-replies and variant voicemail options

A high volume of apps that assist me in real estate

Access to paid programs like a commercial Zoom account, ShowingTime, Adobe InDesign and Photoshop

A Competing Offer Spreadsheet

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