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SE VA City Information & Real Estate Property Info

Updated: Jan 4

In this link, I've created a master spreadsheet for government information on homes. I'm unaware of any publicly available spreadsheet that can come close to being as comprehensive as this one for the task of comparing potential cities/counties in SE VA. While most of the hyperlinks & information are specific to SE VA, some of the websites have availability nationwide for other regions if agents in other areas wanted to create something similar.


As with most spreadsheets, this one is best viewed on a desktop or laptop rather than a mobile device. Be sure to note the tabs at the bottom of the screen, separating the following:

I. Miscellaneous Statistics

D.City-Data Median House or Condo Value 2019 E. Price per sq ft 3.21 F. % population in poverty (2019) G. Median household income 2019 H. % renters on City-data I. Unemployment Nov 2020 (rounded to nearest 10th) J. Citi Data 2019 Crime Index K. Population growth % 2010-2022 L. Investor threshold for all properties M. Market Stats & Population Densities N. Other factors that are important indicators of a successful city (Forbes)

II. Maps & specific Property Details

III. Real Estate Taxes

IV. Personal Property Taxes

V. Law

VI. Schools


For the most accurate/up-to-date info, be sure to check the city/county/state website for any laws, & in some cases, call in to check with gov. officials as sometimes the websites are out of date by a few years, especially in more rural cities/counties regarding matters like tax rates. Please keep in mind as well that I am not an attorney.


If you are an agent, you are welcome to share the spreadsheet with others as long as sharing the link to this page.


In the event that you ever see broken links, inaccurate information, or information that grossly needs updating, please let me know. Often the links will break over time from cities/counties. Note as well that this is a work in progress, so there are a number of sections not filled in. There is no need to contact me about those unless you are my client and would like certain sections filled in that you can name by cell.

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