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Competing Offer Spreadsheet

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

When I am representing a seller I typically include a competing offer spreadsheet. Below I wanted to share some of the best ways to understand it & use it.

  1. While it can be viewed on a phone (especially if you have downloaded the Google Sheets app), it's best viewed on a desktop or laptop.

  2. Items highlighted in green are positive, while items highlighted in red are negative.

  3. Rows in yellow should be deleted when not applicable.

  4. All offers are presented to the seller, but only the strongest offers may have details on the spreadsheet due to the time-consuming nature of manual input for the spreadsheet.

  5. If any escalation clauses are present, the escalation clause cap will not be on the spreadsheet since this spreadsheet is at times sent directly to the buyer's agents. The offer price is the offer plus any activated escalation, if applicable.

  6. You'll see rows for

A. the importance of something (primarily for the seller's better understanding, with items marked "1" being most important & higher numbers being less important)

B. Explanations of the range of possibilities from most ideal to least ideal

C. Importance caveats where the importance of something can depend on the scenario

D. The location of offer elements within the offer

D. More details, & otherwise

6. The most important columns to note are the first column identifying the offer element and any offer columns (highlighted in blue below):

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