Utilities List for SE VA (Primarily Hampton Roads)

Updated: Sep 10


Here is my SE VA (Primarily Hampton Roads) utilities spreadsheet.

Special thanks to Chuck Dunlap, principal broker at Garrett Realty Partners, for his buyer's guide that was the baseline of this spreadsheet when I was a new agent, with many additions from me on top of his work since then. While I have many other spreadsheets that I've created and added to over time, most of which are not prominent on this website if visible publicly at all, this blog is my first that I'm dedicating a blog to.

When to Contact Utilities When Buying

While there's no "right" answer to this question, since sometimes closings don't occur when they are supposed to, I generally recommend contacting all utility companies at least 6 business days prior to closing. Depending on the utility issuer, there could be a 5 business day delay on when they can come out, and some utilities can't be turned on without others already on. It's also good to have them transferring to the buyer on the day of closing.


Be sure to keep in mind the ability to scroll, Zoom, the ability to select tabs within the spreadsheet at the bottom, etc. The format is on Google Sheets, so if you are using a device like a phone, it's best examined if you have Google Sheets installed previously. Typically you'll find that spreadsheets like this one are best viewed on a laptop or desktop.


Like many resources from me, this one is a work in progress with plenty of room for additional information (you'll see a number of blank spaces, especially in areas where my coverage is limited), more cities/counties added, etc.

In the event that you ever see an error or would like to add to this spreadsheet on a minor level, please contact me as well.

In the event that you would like collaborative access to edit this spreadsheet for more than just a few improvements/additions, you can reach me at agarrett@ggrva.com & please provide a sampling of 10 improvements/additions that you'd make if given direct access to do so. Please also provide a 72 hr time frame when you'd like sharing privileges. In the event that anyone does do more than 10 edits/additions, I plan to provide their names below along with their company name & city/town if provided to me.

Typically the most accurate information will be on utility and government websites, though I've seen where government websites can be off with information at times where calling the municipality can be superior in terms of accuracy in some cases (& inferior in others).


Here's an example of one of the resources within the spreadsheet:

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