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Utilities List for SE VA (Primarily Hampton Roads)

Updated: Sep 1


Here is my SE VA (Primarily Hampton Roads) utilities spreadsheet.

When to Contact Utilities When Buying

When to Contact Utilities When Selling

Delay Between Utilities Contacted & Utilities Turned On or Off

Special Circumstances in Chesapeake, Portsmouth, Suffolk, & Virginia Beach

Do You Need the Breakers Turned Off for Electric Transitioning?

Gas Often Requires Water & Electric on Prior

Troubleshooting the Spreadsheet


Accuracy Disclosure

Thanks to Chuck Dunlap



Here are a few examples of some of the resources hyperlinked within the spreadsheet:


Assistance with Utility Bills

Responsibilities & Inspector Options Including Deadlines Template for REIN & VAR Offers

Walk Through Inspection

Buyer Preparing For Closing

Seller Preparing for Closing

House Seller Guide

House Buyer Guide

What Adam Offers Sellers

What Adam Offers Buyers

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