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Which Multiple Listing Service(s) Are Needed to List in SE VA?

Knowing which Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is needed for a buyer or seller is very important if you're considering selling or buying in SE VA. Having access to the right MLS can mean the difference between a buyer being aware of & able to purchase a home or not if they're relying on their buyer's agent's feed. Having the wrong MLS for sellers can mean that a large number of buyers will never even get the home on their radar if they are relying on the feed from their agents.

Sometimes buyer's agents or listing agents will help buyers or sellers in areas where they have poor MLS coverage without disclosing it to them. In other cases, an agent may have access to only 1 MLS, and a buyer or seller should really be working with an agent with more than 1 MLS if 1 MLS doesn't make up at least 95% (& ideally, at least 99%) of agent listings. In SE VA, there are even a few locations where the top MLS only produces around 50% of listings of an area.

In this post I wanted to focus primarily on these areas of SE VA regarding which Multiple Listing Service (MLS) is dominant and by what percentage vs competing MLS among the following MLS:

1. Central Virginia Regional MLS (Based out of Richmond)

2. Chesapeake Bay & Rivers Association of Realtors MLS (Based out of Hartfield)

3. Real Estate Information Network (Based out of Virginia Beach)

4. Northern Neck MLS (Based out of Callao)

5. Williamsburg MLS

Here is the full list for the above areas, & feel free to click on it for the full spreadsheet:

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