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Home Condition At Closing

Updated: Apr 26

Luxury bathroom with jack & jill sink, ceramic floor, & large walk in shower

Image Courtesy Art Louis Photography from a Former Listing of Adam's

What can buyers and sellers expect in terms of condition at closing?

  • Condition Details at Walk Through Inspection Depends Heavily on Contract

By the time that you get to the walk through inspection, you'll be relying more on the contract (& if applicable, a home inspector) than you will be on any other element in VA.

  • 2 Main Contract Types Used in SE VA

  • Default Buyer & Seller Responsibilities at Time of Walk Through Inspection in SE VA

  • Best Times to Redact Terms: Offer, Counter, Inspections, Etc.

  • Condition Obligations Depends on Any Redacted Offer Terms

  • Disclaimer: Adam is Not an Attorney

What Else Do Condition Obligations Depend On?

  • Any Redacted Offer Terms

  • Depends on Any Addendum/Amendment Terms

  • Depends on Property Condition at Time of Contract/Inspection (Depending on Contract)

  • Depends on Insurance

  • Depends on Law

  • Depends on Possession Agreements

  • Depends on Loan

  • What About Concessions Offered in the Listing but Not Present in the Contract?


About the Author: Adam Garrett - 3rd Generation REALTOR®

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