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Heavily Discounted Commission Listing Agents: How to Find Them & Why To Skip Them

It's not uncommon for me to have sellers asking me what I charge for commissions. I have a spreadsheet that goes over those figures in detail, with very competitive commission rates considering what I offer, but it's important to lay out some caveats about heavily discounted commission agents in advance so that sellers don't lose more money net than they gain by using too low of commission agents who offer bare bones marketing, with even 2 great agents at times having vastly different net sales prices even at the same commission rates.

How to Find Heavily Discounted Listing Agents

They likely do high volume & what they offer needs to be "bare bones" in order for them to keep in the business

They likely don't have many good reviews &/or the reviews are very mixed.

Contact many agents at many firms located in the area of your home

What to Watch Out For with Heavily Discounted Listing Agents

Are there any admin fees?

What will the agent offer?

What commission will be offered to the buyer's agent?