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Should You Get Solar Panels for Your Home?

Updated: Jan 18

In theory, as someone who enjoys hunting/gathering/fishing/gardening, I like the idea of self-sufficiency in terms of utilities, from solar, to wells, to septic. I like the idea of initial investment for long-term savings & the idea of being good to the environment. That said, because the homes that my wife & I own aren’t good situations for solar at the moment, I haven’t pulled the trigger yet. I hope to eventually, but in the meantime of me waiting, solar panels are becoming more efficient and less expensive while grid power is becoming more expensive, where the math will likely eventually work out for me to get solar at some point in my life for my owner-occupied residence. I don’t expect that time to be any time soon for me, but for some, solar is a solid option right now.

Number One Issue: Will You Be There Long Enough for the Math to Make Sense?

2. Solar Panels Make the Most Sense When A High Number of the Following Are True:

3. Note on DIY Solar

4. Look Out For

5. Use Google Project Sunroof

6. Note on Law


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