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Financing Repairs/Renovations Prior to Sale

Updated: Dec 29, 2023

In this article I'll be going over whether or not you should get repairs done prior to listing your home, options to do so if you don't have the cash, and more.

Preliminary Considerations:

When Should Sellers Perform Renovations/Repairs? Typically Prior to Listing

Don't do a Bad DIY Job.

Why Homes in Need of Work are Good for Buyers and Bad for Sellers: My Experience & Flippers

Even if a Seller Doesn't Initially Agree to Do Work, The Buyer May Request it or Walk.

Sometimes "As-Is" is Best

While some sellers have the capital to get work done in cash through contractors that they pay, others do not have the cash to do that, and many are unaware of some of the alternative approaches to attaining those funds in order to maximize their net proceeds at closing.

Options for Getting Finances Prior to Listing/Closing:

Contractors Paid at Closing

Home Equity Line of Credit for Major Renovations/Repairs

Credit Cards

Personal Loan

Get Personally Involved

Secured Debt (i.e. Reverse Auto Loan)


Selling Items of Value

Non-Profit & Government Subsidized Repairs

Options I Don't Recommend


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