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Prepping Homes For Extreme Cold

Updated: May 27

In this article, I wanted to go over what's coming tomorrow, the ways you can still prepare for it for you, your vehicle, & your home, and the ways to do additional preparations in the future for the next time temperatures outside drop to extremes.

Home I Showed w/ Burst Pipes Primarily Due to Freezing Temperatures

My Pipes Froze!

What's Coming Tomorrow, 12/23 as Projected by at 9 PM on 12/22

Last Minute Preparations for Extreme Cold with or Without Snow Projected

How to Prepare for a Power Outage in Extreme Cold

Long-Term Preparations for Extreme Cold

How to Prepare Your House for Snow

Additional Preparations on Vacant Properties

Additional Preparations for Wildlife & Pets

Additional Preparations for Plants

Likelihood of Snow & Snow Maps

Skiing & Snow Sports Within Reach Without Typical Heavy Snow in SE VA

What I Can Offer

Sources Cited & Additional Info

If you feel this article is missing anything significant, let me know!


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