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Initial Buyer Consultation w/ Adam Garrett: 3rd Generation Realtor®

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Here are details on initial consultations for buyers with real estate agents, particularly with Adam since all real estate agents' skill sets aren't the same, & primarily geared toward a face-to-face consultation (in person or over Zoom that allows Adam to screen share) so that he can integrate visuals into the discussion to enhance the buyer's understanding, more clearly understand the buyer's preferences, accomplish more in less time, & otherwise:

1. Why In Person or Face to Face with Screen Share Meetings are Best

2. Establish Searches

3. Educating Buyers on Search Portal Navigation Tips Visually

4. Other Potential Points of Discussion Include Financial Preparation for a Home Purchase (Short Term & Long Term), the Market, Interest Rates, Renting vs Purchasing, Area Specific Information, Buyer Brokerage Agreements, etc.

5. Gaining a Better Understanding of the Agent & the Buyer

If you'd like to plan out exactly what you'd like to discuss in a search consultation with Adam, one option, though not required, is to fill out this form.


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