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Best Hospital Ratings in VA: Where to Find it & Mapped for in & Around Virginia

Updated: Jun 21

Above: Image by Adam of Riverside Hospital in Newport News

One of the questions people sometimes wonder about when locating a place to move to is hospitals &/or local medical facilities. Many want to move close to one of the better hospitals or at least a hospital of some kind due to known medical needs or simply because they want to ensure that if there is a medical need, good care isn't far away. I have developed a few maps that should be able to resolve this question for those moving to VA, and I found where those moving anywhere in the US can look to answer the same question, though it's not typically mapped out elsewhere like I've done, making it significantly more cumbersome to work with in the absence of a map. In case you're wondering, Google Maps, Yelp, & Facebook are not where you'll be headed first, second, or even 3rd for this question.

  • States I've Covered in Maps 1 & 2

  • Map 1: 9 Layers of Newsweek + 1 Layer of Top Medicare Rankings

  • Map 3: 9 Layers of Newsweek + 1 Layer of Unranked Hospitals Primarily in VA

  • When Hospital Proximity Hit Home for Me: They Died on the Long Way to the Hospital in the Ambulance

  • When Hospital Ratings Hit Home for Me Recently: I Feared for my Newborn Son's Life Due to Inconsistent Quality of Care & Staff Negligence/Unprofessional Volatility Putting my Son & Wife in Harm's Way Needlessly

  • Primary Rating Platform I Used with Map 1

  • Secondary Rating Platform I Used in Map 1 & Primary Rating Platform Used in Map 2

  • What about Google Maps?

  • Veterans Affairs Hospitals & Other Facilities: Medical Centers in Hampton & Salem in VA & Other Facilities Elsewhere in VA

  • Veterans Affairs Medical Centers in VA & Nearby States:

  • Best Hospitals by Specialty


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