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How To Join Zoom & Screen Share On Zoom

Updated: Feb 18

Whether you're old or young, keeping up with some of the biggest technological life hacks that come up could leave you spending less time and energy than you would otherwise to accomplish the same tasks. You probably know the saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks." I don't agree with that when it comes to most older people, no matter their age as long as they don't develop severe disability (i.e. severe Alzheimers or dementia to the point where adopting a new skill with too many unfamiliar steps is out of the question).

Two of the "tricks" that I've found extremely beneficial are the use of Zoom & screen sharing for meetings. Zoom has integrated options for recording the meeting, remote desktop, etc. Rather than reinventing the wheel on the "how-to" part, I'll be sharing quotes, video, and screenshots from those who have already done that for you.

Best Practices on Zoom with Adam

1. Use a large screen, not a phone, & don't sit too far away from the screen so that from your vantage point you have a large visual. The larger the better as long as you're not hurting your eyes. If you don't have a laptop, desktop, or tablet, you might consider connecting your phone to a TV with a wire or over wifi/bluetooth.


I frequently use screenshare during these sessions. The following can be hard to follow along without a lage visual:






2. If you haven't used Zoom before on a large device, be sure to leave some time for setup & test before your meeting is supposed to begin. While Adam will sometimes have plenty of time to spare if you're late, that's not always the case.

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