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Waterfront Properties

Updated: Jun 19

Above: 122 Sandbox Lane in Yorktown, VA, the 1st house on the left on the York River from the Chesapeake Bay, where I spent college summers when back home in VA & some years after college such as during post-bac studies and the start of my masters.

My Experience with Waterfront Growing Up

Common Elements of Waterfront Homes:

No Hunting, Fishing, or Trapping License Required for Owners & Close Family in VA

How to Check for Water Frontage to Help Establish Riparian Rights


Flood Zones

Hurricane Evacuation Zones




Salt Water Dynamics to be Aware of: Salt Impact

Fresh Water Dynamics to be Aware of: Snakes

Salt Water Dynamics to be Aware of: Jellyfish, Sharks, & Stingrays

How's the View?

Is the Structure Siding Suited for Waterfront?

Restrictions on Water Usage


About the Author: Adam Garrett - 3rd Generation REALTOR®

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