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Fishing in Virginia Guide

Updated: Jun 19

Above: Me in high school casting in high winds with my dad in the background and hitting the photographer with the hook accidentally! Photo by Allen Stanley.

Virginia offers excellent opportunities for freshwater, brackish, and saltwater fishing. I grew up primarily saltwater fishing with my family. I also did some freshwater fishing with others including my Boy Scout troop. Per DWR regarding the freshwater fishing opportunities in VA, "Virginia offers excellent, extremely diverse angling opportunities. With over 176,000 acres of public lakes and 27,300 miles of fishable streams, Virginia is sure to provide something for every freshwater angler." This resource will not teach you how to fish much. Instead, I'm assuming you already know how to do that. ll be showing you some of the fishing that VA has to offer, and a wide variety of information specific to the state and individual locations within the state.

Fishing Map by Catch Globally: Fishbrain

VA Saltwater Fishing Calendar

Additional Tips by Fish Type

Additional Global Maps

Accessible Fishing & Boating

Virginia's Recreational Fishing Regulations For Marine Waters

2 Locations to Fish Freely with No License in SE VA

Locations to Fish Freely in VA with a License

Days to Fish Freely in VA with no License


Where to Boat in Virginia

VA Freshwater Fishing Information per DWR

VA Fishing License & Fee Information:

Typical Fishing License Information for Residents

Typical Fishing License Information for Non-Residents

Miscellaneous Fees

Lifetime Fishing License Information (i.e. $5 for residents 65+ for saltwater fishing)

Exemptions from License Requirements for Owners & Their Families

Trout License Requirement


About the Author: Adam Garrett - 3rd Generation REALTOR®

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