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Agents Filling in for Buyers' Agents

Updated: Jan 8

In real estate, time is of the essence, whether you're seeing a property for the first time, making an offer, or performing inspections. Properties can go under contract less than 12 hrs after hitting the market in some cases. New agents doing low volume might be available more than high volume agents, but you pay a high cost for someone new in other areas (i.e. knowledge, experience, digital & physical resources, etc.).

In this post, I wanted to share more details about various aspects of agents filling in for a buyer's primary agent, especially when filling in for me. I also wanted to share those factors that are important to note when I am representing you and when an agent from my firm is filling in for you.

Above: Marvin Adams, one of my go-to agent fill-ins, who has done over 500 transactions

Expectations for Buyers with Adam's Ability to Provide Agent Fill-Ins & On-Property Expectations When Adam Garrett Is Your Primary Agent

Best Practices for Adam's Buyers with Agent Fill-Ins

Why it's Important for Agent Fill-Ins to be Available

My Requests for Buyer's Agent Fill-Ins

Problems with Offers Prior to Showings

How Buyers Can Avoid the Need for an Agent Fill-In

Many Agents Requesting Fill-Ins Miss the Mark & How Adam is Different

Making Offers After an Agent Fill In

How Adam Provides Buyer Agent Fill Ins

Survey Following Agent Fill In


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