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Home Inspection Requests for Buyers

Other Considerations:


  • The Seller May Reject Some or All Items Requested

  • Request Qualified Professionals

  • When is it Possible for Buyer/Seller to Terminate, How the Buyer is Protected from the Seller Terminating Immediately Upon Receipt of Requests, & How Long Should the Seller Response Take?

  • Different Contract Types in Hampton Roads vs Outside Hampton Roads (VAR) in SE VA

Resale Disclosure

What to Consider Asking for/Not Asking for

The below are general advice to consider, not mandates that are always true in every situation:

  • Don't Ask for too Much

  • Don't Ask for Too Little

  • If New Construction

  • Waive Items You Could Easily Fix Yourself

  • Consider Waiving Repairs Likely to Be Required by a Later Inspector/Appraiser

  • Request Safety Hazards

  • Request Quickly Deteriorating Items

  • Request a Home Warranty if Older Items Not Being Replaced

  • Consider Requesting Old Items at/Near the End of their Anticipated Life Expectancy

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