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Why Adam likes to ask listing agents/sellers about video/pictures prior to showings

Updated: Jul 29

Put simply, even when Matterport photography is employed no listing will ever have pictures covering every surface, whether you're looking under a sink, in a crawl space, in an attic, at a label to see the model number and other information (my most common picture in showings), whether there is some sort of change since the original photos, video a dripping pipe to send to a listing agent that likely doesn't know about it, look at an area not possible to view with your eye directly due to a difficult space (i.e. window above eye level on a locked shed w/ no key present), etc. In addition, I often work with buyers on sight-unseen purchases & sometimes represent buyers who waive a home inspection where time is of the essence in a relatively brief showing.

For a more detailed explanation, see below:

Most common pictures if allowed:

Most common use of video

Additional examples of when pictures are helpful

Additional examples of when videos are helpful

Why ask in advance? Buyers in many cases don't request pictures prior.

How pictures/video by me/buyers can benefit sellers/listing agents

How pictures/video by me/buyers can benefit buyers & me

Picture request for private use

Picture denial

Why I’m asking rather than just doing it

Why the detailed explanation

More on Adam's video/picture options

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