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Expeditious Offers

Updated: Sep 12

In this article, I wanted to share some important elements of expeditious offers to buyers, a critical tool in a buyer's belt for getting under contract on the best house for them available when they're looking.

In order to reduce the time between when you see a property and when you make an offer, it's a good idea to at least start reviewing some items & have some things ready before showings, with the most important items in bold:

Importance of Expeditious Offers

Expeditious Offers Without Doing Your Homework Increases Probability of Buyer's Remorse

Lack of Advanced Preparation for Offers That Slow Offer Process Down is Too Common

Acquire preapproval/proof of funds & always have 1 available from the past 30 days.

Sign a buyer brokerage agreement before your 1st showing.

Review & Sign Disclosures.

Go through Adam's buyer's guide at least through the time of offer.

Go through Adam's competing offer scenario spreadsheet.

Review & partially fill in Adam's questions for offer spreadsheet.

Considering Macro-Level Offer Timing


1. Expeditious Showings

2. Below & Above Asking Price Offers

3. Next Steps After Seller Receives Offer(s)

4. Should a Buyer See a Property That Already Has Offers?

5. Adam's Desired Offer Elements When Representing a Seller

6. Hampton Roads Offers: The REIN Standard Purchase Agreement

7. Backup Offers: Seeing Property & Making Offers After Already Under Contract

8. The Importance of Timeliness in Real Estate

9. Competing Offer Spreadsheet

10. Buyer Guide

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