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Buyers Preparing for Showings

Updated: Aug 10

In this article, I wanted to briefly go over the most important elements prior to showings for buyers. I'll start with recommendations prior to going over requirements.

Recommended Items:

Highly Recommended: Be On Top of Property Alerts, Especially with Text Alerts

Highly Recommended: Get to Know The Agent You're Requesting a Showing From If You Haven't Already

Recommended: Option to Take a Pre-Emptive Approach to Expeditious Showings

Highly Recommended: Look For Potential Negatives Online, Especially for Home Elements Protected by Law

Highly Recommended: Acquire Preapproval or Proof of Funds

Recommended: Consider Your Current Home & Market Forecasts

Recommended: Additional Preparations

Required Items:

Alert Your Agent (Text, Call, or Email a Text) That You'd like to See a Property, Your Available Times, & the Format

Establish Buyer Brokerage If Looking to See with a Buyer's Agent Who Will Point Out Positives & Negatives


Home Elements to View Online Prior to a Showing Request

What do Buyers Need to Purchase a Home?

Tips for Video Showings of Real Estate (i.e. a House)

Initial Buyer Consultation w/ Adam Garrett: 3rd Generation Realtor®

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