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Why It's Important to Get Immediate Property Search Updates & Not Rely on Concierge Mode

Updated: Feb 15

Image courtesy Rein

The Multiple Listing Service is where real estate agents perform searches of properties on the market listed by other agents. "Concierge Mode" is where, rather than a buyer or seller receiving a property into their email (& their texts if they do like I recommend) It is something that I've done before for buyers who wanted it, but that I highly discourage in my dealings with buyers. In this article, I wanted to cover why you wouldn't want concierge mode & what to do instead.

Top Reason To Avoid Concierge Mode: Delays Will Occur

2nd Top Reason To Avoid Concierge Mode: Delays Can Cost You Properties

How to Avoid Concierge Mode

I Can do Concierge Mode (Sometimes)


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