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The Importance of Choosing a Great Buyer's Agent

Updated: Feb 9

Many buyers and sellers fail to realize how important choosing the right agent is in their home buying &/or selling process.

Common Mistakes of Buyers Choosing an Agent:

Apathy About Their Agent Choice

Quickly Picking the First Agent That Contacts Them

Picking the Most Persistent Agent

Picking a "yes man" & the Most Agreeable Agent

Here are some of the main reasons why your agent choice is so important:

Seeing Properties Before They Go Under Contract

Offer Success & Making The Right Offer

Differences in Agent Honesty, Ethics, Care for Buyers' Interests, & Avoiding Buyer's Remorse

Some Agents Are Much Better at Equipping Buyers Before They Are Ready to Purchase

Different Agents Have Different MLS Access & Are Familiar with Different Local Customs, Local Contracts, & Local Resources

Agent Experience: Brand New to Thousands of Personal Past Transactions

Agents Have Significantly Different Physical & Digital Resources, w Some Having Much More than Others

Vastly Different Experiences with Agents: Check Their Reviews

For more details, see:


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