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Search Activation Policy

Updated: Aug 25

In this article, I wanted to share my search activation policy, including how I typically won't activate searches without a face to face conversation and one of the top reasons why (catfish buyers).

I encourage almost all buyers to establish search(es) with me over Zoom or in person because those are best.

I don't establish searches with buyers who initiate contact via email, contact page on my website, or text prior to a discussion, in part due to the high volume of catfish buyers that target me, with some weeks having more catfish buyers than legitimate buyers contacting me.

When I will make exceptions for a search prior to a video discussion

When I won't make exceptions for a search prior to a video discussion

What if a buyer's English is such that they don't feel comfortable discussing things over audio?

What if I'm in a different time zone?

What if I Want to Work with Adam But Won't Abide by His Search Activation Policy?


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