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Will My Home Owned Count Against Me for Supplemental Security Income (SSI), SSDI, Medicaid, Section 8, or Other Benefits?

Updated: Apr 21

In many cases, a home you own often won't count against you for a variety of supplemental support. That said, there are some cases when exceptions apply where it will, such as some cases, i.e. if both under 65 & income you produce from the home could disqualify you (i.e. renting out rooms).

Homeownership typically helps, not the other way around.

In most cases, the longer that you've owned a home (or the stronger your equity position, i.e. cash purchasers), the more that having a home will help you if you become disabled or retire. When it comes to assistance for the disabled &/or low income, cost reducing options are critical, as it's your income primarily, in some cases your disability, & in some cases non-excluded assets that count against you.

Section 8: There are Ownership Options with It

Social Security Including SSI & SSDI:

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  • SS Social Security Retirement Income


Medicaid: Home Typically Excluded


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  • Medicaid: Home Definition & Impact Basics: Home Typically Excluded

  • Medicaid: Nursing Homes

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  • Medicaid: Selling Real Property

Medicare: No Negative Impact by Homeownership

Mortgages & Programs to Reduce Home Cost

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