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Responsibilities & Inspector Options Including Deadlines Template for REIN & VAR Offers

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

While not fully comprehensive on all responsibilities, deadlines, & Inspector options, I've developed a resource to provide a brief synopsis of some of the main items to focus on. To use this spreadsheet most effectively, it's important to keep in mind the following:

Color Coding & deleting columns/rows that don't apply if Adam isn't your agent or if your listing package doesn't include Adam filling out the form (i.e. low commission sellers)

The headers in row 1 & Column A are color-coded based on the following:

Yellow means that something often doesn't apply. That said, something can be white and still not apply, such as a home inspection if no home inspection contingency is present.

Purple means that something is applicable to a Virginia Association of Realtors contract.

Blue means that something is applicable to a Real Estate Information Network Standard Purchase Agreement.

Service Provider Recommendations

Use a large screen (not a phone)

Not fully comprehensive

Strike-throughs & blanks filled in

Changing contract templates & accuracy limitations of liability

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